What is the Antisocial Smoke Society?

The truth is whether you smoke or not, you're part of the community.

The Antisocial Smoke Society is a Cryptocurrency smoke shop that believes in privacy and adventure rather than the lifestyle pushed by many cannabis brands.

We are a community of people who enjoy the silence but don't discriminate and we believe that you develop a deeper connection when you're alone or with a close few. We promote a healthy balance of happiness and cannabis and refuse to push it as a party drug to aid those that use it for medicinal purposes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or instagram! Also tag us in your photos and related content to get featured on the instagram!


Life is an adventure, go live it!







Meet the Owner

I am an Engineering Students and as a means to pay for college, I figured we try and make a cryptocurrency online store! In doing so, I decided on the niche of private recreational use of 'marijuana' and tobacco through products that you may need for your smoke experience 🌿I hope to grow the store as a brand that maintains users privacy through the use of cryptocurrency and to provide the highest quality smoke gear available! For any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to DM or email me!

Instagram: @Cryptocurrensea

 Email: jon@antisocialsmokesociety.com

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Instagram: @notsewz