Earning Bitcoin!

So you know about that new internet money that uses blockchain and mining instead of a bank, but how can you get it for free? In this article we're going to show you how you can get *Free* bitcoins through relatively easy methods that can be used on our store!

Now depending on your definition of free, these methods may not be up your alley but they’re worth a look and can definitely empower someone looking for Bitcoins.

Method 1: Referral links

As the world of digital marketing grows, referral links are becoming an ever more viable way for both consumers and providers to benefit from the sharing of products. Binanceand Coinbase are the most popular methods since they are the most reputable but their are many others out there! The way these work is simple, you share links and then for sharing such links, you receive a reward in this case being bitcoin.

Method 2: Mining

Now this is a gray area depending on:

  • Your electricity bill
  • Wear and tear on your computer

When you mine, you add value to the bitcoin network while being rewarded for your donation of computational power. This game theory concept of being rewarded for your PCs work is a major component that drives the network forward and this allows you to incur bitcoin for simple efforts.

Now to compete in the ecosystem of mining, many believe that you need a heavy setup but the truth is even a simple browser can mine so this leaves it up to the user and how much they are willing to contribute for a bitcoin reward. My personal favorite is Cryptotab that allows me to mine bitcoin while I do homework BUT this does take a toll on your computers lifespan and that should be noted when participating in .


If you took anything away from this blog post, you should note that there a lot of scams that will make empty promises and you will need to be aware that not everything that glitters is gold. I’ve aimed to be very clear and wholesome with the resources I provided but being aware is key to success in this space.

We hope you learned something about earning bitcoin and if you do these methods properly you can use these bitcoins on our store!

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